A painter is an artist engaged in a creative activity, practicing the various arts, or displaying an artistic talent. The term has been used to refer to an artist of all mediums since the early nineteenth century but has been primarily applied to artists of art for the last hundred years. The traditional usage in academic and everyday conversation is an artist engaged in the fine arts only. This is because the fine arts have the most value and are more well recognized and understood by the general public. The definition of the term as it applies to art is more complex and is dependent on the specific use of the word.

In terms of academic and ordinary use, an artist is someone engaged in the process of making art, showing artistic talent, or practicing the various aspects of the art form. The word artist has come to have a broader and more subjective connotation. It now describes those who display artistic talents, such as musicians and actors.

The word artist, as it relates to the art world was first used in reference to artists of the Impressionist school, and specifically, to the artists, such as Renoir and Monet, who were members of this group. The Impressionists, however, did not necessarily view their work as being an expression of their personal artistic talents.

While the term art is used in many ways by many people today, there are still some who use it as a term that is not specific to any one category of art but rather refers to the artistic ability or style of an individual. While artists within the Impressionist and Expressionist schools of art exhibited a distinct style, the term artist refers to the style of art and not the individual who created it.

Today, the term artist has become increasingly broad and refers to those who exhibit art in any format, including sculpture, painting, and collage. There is also a term known as impressionism, which refers to the Impressionist school of art, and this includes modern art. and includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, and collages. Impressionism is not recognized as an entirely separate movement from Impressionism itself, although they are often seen to be one and the same.

Today, the term artist has also expanded to include the artists who are concerned with the social aspect of art, such as artists who focus on issues of social justice and politics. While artists are usually considered to be professionals, some artists to practice the art of their craft independently, often doing so on their own time, with their own means, using their own resources. Others may have had to work as full-time employees of established institutions, creating an income for themselves while producing work for a living.

The term artist is also used to describe those who create work for commercial purposes, whether the work is for a museum, gallery, school, or another commercial enterprise, although there is sometimes some confusion between commercial art and the work of an individual artist. Although commercial art is often sold as artwork, there is not a universally accepted agreement on what a “commercial work” actually is.

While many people assume that an artist who produces works for sale is an artist who creates works for sale, it should be noted that the work produced by a commercial artist may not necessarily be considered to be art at all. Instead, it may be considered to be a work of non-art, such as a book, film, video, or photograph. As an example, the work produced by a graphic designer is not considered art by some, while that created by a poet would be considered a work of literature.


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